We've Rebranded Our Shop! Check Out What's New...

We have some BIG news...

Whether you're new here or or have been around for a while, you likely know us as "Main Street Traveler" – but that's changed.

We just upgraded to a whole new look – new name, logo, and site – with a much bigger vision!

Read on for the details...

The Short Version

  • We changed the name of our shop from "Main Street Traveler" to "Bella Notte & Co"
  • We're renaming our social handles (Instagram included) to reflect the new name, meaning after the switch, you'll find us at @bellanotteandco. After that time, everything will be under the new name. You'll still be following us on there if you are already (we're not starting a new account, just changing the name of our existing one).
  • Under our new brand name, we're adding new product lines – knotbands, posters/prints, more mugs and apparel, and more pet bandanas.
  • We'll be donating a portion of profits each month to animal shelters in need (especially dog shelters like the ones we rescued our two pups from)
  • The switch is officially live on the site, and will be completed on Instagram by mid-June.


The Long Version
(Why The Change? And Why Now?)

A little backstory... When we first started Main Street Traveler (from an apartment in Boulder, CO no less), we just wanted a way to stay connected to Disney and the world we love, and meet awesome people who felt the same.

To do that, we had the idea to make headbands inspired by our favorite attractions and characters, then made a quick prototype and set up a website.

We needed a name for the shop, but at the time it was just that – a small shop. We didn't know what our shop would become, or have a larger mission for it at the time... So we "settled" on something quickly that we liked at the time, which was Main Street Traveler.

It was a fun name. It served us well.

But since then, our "small shop" has matured into a "small company". We've grown, and our vision for the future has grown with it.

And with that growth, we knew the name Main Street Traveler just didn't fit where we see the company growing now. It needed to grow too, and mature in a new way.

So we went back to the drawing board, thinking of how to accomplish this and tie in the things we love with the direction we wanted to take the brand in a more professional way.

We know who we are now, and what we do. What we wake up excited to do each day.

And it all starts with YOU.

We're here to bring you magically inspired accessories to make your story come alive...

So without further ado, we're super excited to announce the new name of our brand, Bella Notte & Co!

What Does "Bella Notte" Mean?

"Bella Notte" is Italian for beautiful night. You probably recognize the phrase from the infamous song in Lady & The Tramp, during the scene where Lady and Tramp share the spaghetti. (If not, watch it here – it's a good one!)

This is significant for a few reasons:

  1. We were married in the Italy Pavilion in Epcot, so it holds a special place in our hearts.
  2. We have two dogs that are rescues – Bella is the name of one of them (the black border collie mix), so the name is a direct nod to her (although she can be a stinker at times).
  3. And third, this new name gives us the subtle connection to Disney that we want, but with a direction we can really grow into in unique ways. 

Meet The Pups Behind The Inspiration: Eddie & Bella

One of the coolest things (in our opinion!) about the new logo is that it's literally the silhouettes of our two dogs, Eddie and Bella. 

We had their silhouettes worked into a design stylized after the scene from Lady & The Tramp, but replaced the piece of spaghetti with a hairband :)

(Also, our dogs are the cutest creatures alive, so there's that...)

Our Mission – And How We Give Back

We've known from the start that we wanted to grow a business that enabled us to give back and contribute to causes we believe in.

One thing we feel very strongly about is supporting animal shelters (dogs in particular). It's been a goal of ours to grow a company that enabled us to donate money to support animal shelters like the ones we adopted our two beautiful little pups from – shelters that are notoriously over-booked, under-staffed, and in need of assistance in any form.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we donated over $1,300 to the BStrong Foundation, a charity helping make masks and sanitation kits for health care workers in need...

Going forward, in addition to BStrong, we'll rotate our monthly donations to include animal shelters in need so we can contribute in a bigger way as we grow Bella Notte & Co.

(Another significance of the tie to Lady & The Tramp 🤗...)


What's To Come...

The name and logo isn't the only thing changing...

We're going to be launching new products (Knotbands!), along with coming out with new lines of pet bandanas, more apparel, posters and prints, and more...

Of course, our core product line is – and will stay – our hairbands. We have so many new designs planned that we can't wait to share with you!

We're so excited to FINALLY be able to share this change with you, and are looking forward to all the amazing things to come...

We wouldn't be here without you, so from the bottom of our hearts – thank you.

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